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Hi guests, and welcome to the MEW forums!

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1 Hi guests, and welcome to the MEW forums! on Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:31 am

If you've stumbled upon this, there's a good chance you love the Pokemon Eevee or one of it's Eeveelutions (or at least like Pokemon some)!

For those of you who have found this forum on it's own, let me fill you in on it a bit.

This is the forum for the Eevee fan site, Mistress Eevee's Wonderland (MEW)!

The site is all about Eevee, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, and my goal is to make it one of the best fan sites for Eevee info anywhere!

I wanted a place where Eevee fan could talk, so I created this forum.

The forum consists of:
The Guest Lounge -hangs up a "You are here" sign-, so members and non members may converse.

And for registered members:
There's a members lounge, for general chat.
The news section, for important updates and the like.
You'll find a special forum for each Eeveelution, as well as Eevee it's self. You come chat about your favorite one, and post art, stories, etc.
And, as an added bonus, I have a special fan girl base (guys are welcome to if they wish -giggles-) For my two favorites guys in Pokemon, Brock and Cilan. Don't like ether of them? No worries, I didn't leave you out totally, I have a forum where you post about any of the other guys (or girls) in Pokemon. Smile
Guests have access to view these, but you must be registered to post!

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

~The Eevee Queen~

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