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1 Forum Rules on Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:57 pm

Welcome to Mistress Eevee's Wolderland (M.E.W.) Forums!


unfortunately I do need to pot this here, as the internet does bring a wide variety of people around.
I expect everyone who visits here to read these, members especially, since they can post and will be held to these rules, whether they've read them or not.

1. This one is of utmost importance! No racist, sexual chat or soliciting (this goes for pictures and art work too!), I feel like I shouldn't even need to put this, but my experience on other forums tells me otherwise.
If I catch anyone posting this kind of stuff, there will be consequences, and solicitation will result in an immediate ban!

2. Please respect each other, you do not have to agree with someone, but keep the insults and flaming down, and if necessary, work it out in a private message.

3. No plagiarism. You must get permission from artists to post their artwork, and give proper credit if asked to by the artist. If you post text from another site, please put it in quotation tags, and give credit if possible.
I do my best to make sure all pictures and content are used with permission, or are public domain. If you see something on here that belongs to you, please message me and I will ether remove it or give proper credit (according to your preference)

4. No bullying of other members please. 

5. Keep profanity off this forum please, this forum focuses on characters that appeal to a wide range of ages, including children, lets keep this forum safe and welcoming to all, please.

6. No spamming please. Try to avoid one word posts unless they keep to the context of the conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules. Smile 

~The Eevee Queen~

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